Elliot Fernandez

Historian and Front-end developer

Who I am?

I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1987. I’m a Bachelor of Arts in Modern History at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2009 and Master of Arts in World History at Pompeu Fabra University finished in 2011. Since 2017 I have been the co-founder of Hispano Atlantic Consulting Ltd, HispanTIC, where I work as a Front-end developer.

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My works as a Front-End Developer

On this page you can see my work as a front-end developer specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce. I also do SEO positioning and website load optimization.

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Read my blog

I’ve been writing a personal blog since 2007. My first post was:

“Today, 20 September 2007, I am launching Elliotfern.com. I’m not sure yet how the experience will go and if it will have continuity over time, since the previous blogs didn’t last more than two months. I plan to write about history, topics related to the Internet, journalism, new technologies…

I hope that this new blog will be a new space for communication and feedback with readers. As always, this will be a corner of analysis of current affairs from my personal point of view. I am happy to welcome you to this new home. I hope you have a good time reading this blog, which I will try to update daily”.

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History articles

Open History is an independent publishing project that offers free access to History courses to its readers. Now you can read the history articles in this website.

Our available courses are:

Historical events to remember

History Timelines

Political, social and economic organizations

Places in the World

History Maps





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Contact me

You are welcome to contact me if you need any information, clarification or complaint. You can reach me through this form.

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