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Post on 06/05/2015 | Updated on 15/06/2022
Elliot Fernandez

Elliot Fernandez
I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1987. I’m a BA in Modern History at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2009 and MA in World History at Pompeu Fabra University finished in 2011 with Master’s thesis about French history: “The construction of the French state and the limits of royal absolutism”. You can consult the master’s thesis here. I worked for a few years as a history teacher at the Institut de Seguretat Pública de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia).

Since 2017 I have been the co-founder of Hispano Atlantic Consulting Ltd, HispanTIC, where I work as a Front-end developer.

HispanTIC is a technology and economic consultancy, especially for small businesses that want to start in the digital world.

►► Specialities:
Programming web pages with the most popular programming languages: PHP and JavaScript, with strong knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Creation and maintenance of web pages and online stores with the most popular Content Managers (CMS): WordPress, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.
▷ Technical audit of web pages and SEO optimization on page and off page.
Copywriting: Writing articles, press releases, and any kind of text for corporate or news blogs.
▷ Good knowledge of Agile Methodology (SCRUM and KANBAN) with relevant experience in all phases of the product life cycle, from planning to development and launch.

►► Key features:
▷ Excellent communicator.
▷ Punctual and reliable.
▷ Results-oriented and attention to detail.

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