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Archaic Age in Ancient Greek history

Published on 05/12/2022

The archaic era is a periodization of the history of Ancient Greece that distinguishes the stage where Hellas came out of the dark age and the features of the fully crystallized Greek civilization were formed in the later classical period.

The Protestant Reformation and the Counter-Reformation

Published on 01/12/2022

The 16th century in Europe was a period of religious conflicts, in which the unity of Western Christianity was definitively broken.

Imperial system: the Middle East, India, Japan and China

Published on 30/11/2022

Power structures after World War I change to the European imperial system with possessions in the Near East, India, and Japan’s possessions in China.

The Nazi Rise to Power

Published on 29/11/2022 | Updated 05/12/2022

The rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany in 1933 opened a new era dominated in Europe by totalitarian political regimes.

From Prehistoric Iberia to Roman Hispania

Published on 26/09/2022

The origins of the human presence in the Iberian Peninsula began with the arrival of the first hominids 1,200,000 years ago.

The November Revolution of 1918 in Germany

Published on 14/09/2022 | Updated 04/10/2022

The November Revolution of 1918 in Germany took place in the final moments of the First World War, between the months of November 1918 and March 1919.

World War II Peace Conferences

Published on 27/06/2022 | Updated 15/09/2022

The Peace Conferences were held with the participation of the allied countries from 1941 to discuss the organization of the world after the Second World War.

1st Millennium BC in the Ancient Near East

Published on 24/03/2022 | Updated 08/09/2022

The First Millennium BC encompasses the Iron Age in the Ancient World and sees the transition from the Ancient Near East to classical antiquity.

2nd Millennium BC in the Ancient Near East

Published on 10/03/2022 | Updated 12/09/2022

The 2nd millennium BC in the Near East begins with the Middle Bronze Age and ends with the Late Bronze Age. The first half of the millennium is dominated by the Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Babylon. The alphabet develops. In the middle of the millennium, a new order emerges with the Minoan Greek domination of the Aegean Sea and the rise of the Hittite Empire. The end of the millennium saw the collapse of the Bronze Age and the transition to the Iron Age.

Commitment of responsibility and quality of the contents with the readers

Published on 21/10/2021 | Updated 18/08/2022

The editorial policy of the “Open History” website is based on 7 points that ensure that all our content is rigorous, honest, reliable and transparent. We want it to be easy for you to know who writes on this website and the knowledge they have to do so. We want you to know our sources, […]

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