Elliot Fernandez

Countries, territories and nations and their history

Each country, each territory, has its own history. This history is often shared with neighboring territories. Borders are constantly changing, as history is being written.
Elliot Fernandez
Elliot Fernandez
He has a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2009) and a Master's in World History from Pompeu Fabra University (2011).
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History of Germany

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a Central European state that is part of the European Union. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea; to the east with Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south with Austria and Switzerland and to the west with France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

History of the United States of America

The history of the United States begins before its independence, with the establishment of the first settlers who arrived from Great Britain in 1607.

History of the Americas

The history of America is the history of the peoples of North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

History of France

France occupies practically the entire territory of Roman-era Gaul and is situated as the historical antecedent of the country. Here we review the main events of the modern and contemporary era.

History of the European continent

The history of Europe explained here covers the main historical events that occurred in a politically fragmented and diverse territory.

History of Spain

The history of Spain explained here covers from Classical Antiquity, with the creation of Roman Hispania, through Visigothic Hispania, al-Andalus, the Christian kingdoms, the Spanish Monarchy and the formation and fall of the Spanish Empire, until the formation of the modern nation state and the establishment of the current Spanish Constitutional Kingdom.

History of Catalonia

The history of Catalonia covers a period of more than 2,000 years and begins during Classical Antiquity with the arrival of the first Greek and Phoenicians in Catalan territory.

History of Russia

The events of 1917 were a political process that culminated in the end of the tsarist system in Russia. The revolution was divided into two phases. The first, the February revolution, in which Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown. In the second, a socialist-type revolution in which the Soviets (mainly controlled by the Bolshevik party) took power.