Elliot Fernandez

Historical events

Some of the events that have happened in history have happened fortuitously, without warning. But they have changed the course of history.
Elliot Fernandez
Elliot Fernandez
He has a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2009) and a Master's in World History from Pompeu Fabra University (2011).
Post on 2022-09-30

The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution

The Wannsee Conference was the meeting of senior Nazi officials in 1942 to plan the final solution to the "Jewish problem".

The Iron Curtain: Winston Churchill's speech at Fulton

In 1946, Winston Churchill gave the famous speech in which he elaborated the theory of the "iron curtain" that divided Europe into two parts: the communist and the capitalist.

The Long Telegram of George F. Kennan

The long telegram of George F. Kennan represents the beginning of the theory of containment towards the Soviet Union in the Cold War period.

Velvet Revolution of 1989

On November 17, 1989, thousands of students organized a demonstration in Prague. It was the beginning of the Velvet Revolution.