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Spaces of historical interest

There are corners of the world that tell the story of humanity live. In this section, we detail and classify them.
Elliot Fernandez
Elliot Fernandez
He has a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2009) and a Master's in World History from Pompeu Fabra University (2011).
Post on 2022-10-01

The Berlin Wall in historical images

50 years ago, thousands of soldiers of the German Democratic Republic raised the Berlin Wall, 160 kilometers that separated West Berlin from East Berlin and the GDR from 13 August 1961 to 9 November 1989.

The TV Tower "Fernsehturm" in Berlin

The Fernsehturm (television tower) is a television tower located in Berlin. The tower was built in 1969 by the extinct GDR.

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate

Built by Carl Gotthard Langhans between 1788 and 1791, in the 20th century the Branderburg Gate was the symbolic image of the city's division in two.

Holocaust memorial in Berlin

Inaugurated in 2005, the monument to the victims of the Holocaust consists of 2,711 concrete blocks in rows and columns reminiscent of a cemetery.

Reichsluftfahrtministerium, Nazi Ministry of Aviation

The Reichsluftfahrtministerium (a German name translated to mean the Reich Air Ministry) is one of the few official buildings of Nazi Germany that remain standing in Berlin and that survived the intense Allied bombing during the Second World War.