The importance of a good web maintenance

Our computers may be exposed daily to external threats if we don’t take care of the menaces. Viruses, Trojans, phishing data theft or, recently, ransomware attack make us vulnerable and force us to react in order to prevent these scenarios. That’s why any company, no matter its size, should reinforce its defences to avoid them.

Our web pages are exposed to any kind of cyber-crimes and cyber-criminals could take advantage of any vulnerability to steal valuable information from our company, block our online store or make the corporate web portal inaccessible. For a company, to go through such a negative situation is such a hard blow. It’s for this reason that it is worth thinking about protecting yourself. Luckily, there are solutions available for everyone, such as our “web maintenance” service.

Prevent rather than cure

The main reason why a company doesn’t maintain correctly its website is the lack of in-house specialists. A company must devote its efforts to produce, to sell more, to attend customers… There is no time for digital tasks. The solution involves outsourcing digital services.

Viruses and computer attacks are the daily bread in companies

Having a good web maintenance service is vital for any company. Thanks to it, you’ll avoid major problems for your site and your business will be safe from unpleasant surprises. A good web maintenance consists in a deep monitoring of system errors, in prevention and in data security. How do we do that? Mainly, making sure to have the CMS (content management system) perfectly up to date to prevent attackers exploiting vulnerabilities, implementing security measures to reinforce the webpage and, lastly, by making frequent backups of the web pages on external servers.

What good web maintenance should offer…

A good web maintenance not only prevents your page from any attack, it also offers other services that are evenly important for your business in order to enjoy an excellent website. Our service is adapted to the needs of any company or business. This is why we have different plans and rates. All of them include:

  • WordPress version updates, plugins and templates
  • Integration and maintenance with Google Webmaster Tools
  • Error monitoring 404
  • Broken links monitoring
  • Immediate alert in case of server crashes
  • Website security monitoring
  • Regular and redundant backups
  • Correction of programming errors
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the database
  • Technical support and advice
  • Monthly report and control of the service
  • Emergency resolution service included

In addition to the basic pack, we also offer:

  • Audits to ensure website security and eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Server settings to optimize load times
  • Analysis and revision of functionalities and, in general, complete revision of the functioning of the webpage
  • Development and insertion of new pages on the website
  • Updating of product/service catalogues, images, contents, texts
  • Creating sections, buttons, panels
  • Implementation of new payment methods
  • Creating FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Analysis and repair of broken links, errors
  • Creation of a sitemap. xml file and thefts. txt
  • Optimization of page loading speed through code analysis
  • Creating contact forms, subscriptions…
  • Changing product/service prices

WordPress Professionals

Our company is expert in the use, development and maintenance of WordPress. For this reason, we recommend it to our customers, and we help companies to migrate their websites to this popular content manager. It is estimated that about 25% of the total number of web pages in the world are made under WordPress, which makes it the most widely used system today. It also comes up with the strength of a large community of developers that helps to make it a more robust and secure system. For this reason, from Hispantic, we bet on its use and have maintenance plans specially designed for this CMS.


The tranquillity of being in good hands…

If you want stay safe with your website and if you want to have an excellent web maintenance service. This is the price for your unconcern! In addition to the three plans presented above, we offer also specific maintenance plans adapted to the needs of your company. Do not hesitate to contact us.