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Post on 07/10/2022

Your company needs a Professional Website?

Any company or self-employed professional needs a website to show the objectives, products and services offered to its potential customers. It is already the key element of any marketing strategy and should be created and designed accordingly with your corporate image. You must clearly communicate the message by which the user should remember your Company.

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Our “Web Design Plan” is specially designed for Small Businesses or Businesses that want to have a strong and high-quality presence on the Web. We propose a Web Page where the Company can show its services or products, as well as the contact information and other interesting data that you want to make known.

Simple and clear, it quickly communicates the essential, giving your business a professional presence on the network.

Your website should be an essential tool for communicating with your customers and should allow:

  • The potential customer will find information about your products and your company at any time of the day from any connected device.
  • Loyalty to its customers and suppliers. Listen to your customers. Offer on-line assistance.
  • Create brand image.
  • Increase market share

The Website Design Plan includes:

  • A modern, professional and high-quality Web Page, created with the leading content manager, WordPress.
  • Website with 4/5 pages: Homepage, About the company, Services/Products, Contact and History.
  • Web of easy management and update for your company.
  • Design adapted to all devices (mobile phones, tablets and computers).
  • Optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • With contact form.
  • Product Image Gallery (if any).
  • Images without copyright.
  • Web in 1 language.
  • Integration of Buttons to share in Social Networks.
  • With all the legal requirements that mark the laws (cookies, data protection and privacy).

Does your company or business need a reliable and professional website?

For €850, we will design the website you need. This option is ideal for a Small Business or Business that wants to have a presence on the Internet in order for its customers to quickly find their business information on the Web.

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