Why SMEs need to turn into digital

Since the beginning of commerce, the main worry for marketers has been how to attract and to retain customers. In the era of Internet, social media and mobile devices, markets are expanding and companies and traders have an infinity of tools now to boost their business. Marketing has turned into digital!

What is the relation of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) with digital marketing and with the tools and suites now disposable?

Around the world, SMEs are the main economic actor, as they represent much more than 90% of enterprises. Nevertheless, SMEs are weaker in jobs generation and in benefit creation, as well as they have a weaker digital awareness, as the World Bank explain.

SMEs and digital advertising

Digital Environment has democratized marketing. Today SMEs dispose of an enormous bouquet of tools a lot cheaper than analogical ones to advertise themselves and to reach potential consumers, as well as to retain them. Are SMEs today fit for digital marketing? Do they think digital marketing a valuable investment capable to generate a sustainable ROI? In the UK, a survey within 1000 SMEs about digital marketing stated that the majority think digital marketing is too expensive and, moreover, they are too small to have in-house professionals devoted to that task. Fortunately for small and medium enterprises, today there is a flourishing of digital agencies devoted to digital marketing, and outsourcing is the best option.

Why not to contract a specialist devoted to a Google Ads campaign? Tools like Google Ads (SEM, Search Engine Marketing) permit reaching faster, cheaper and more effectively your target. Digital advertising allows to segment much more your audience, to control more effectively your budget and to offer a flexibility to adapt the campaign to the needs that arise on the march.

Importance of Analytics and Data driven decisions

But there is another reason, maybe the very one, that should lead SMEs to turn into digital: digital marketing offer the possibility of live analytics. Digital marketing enable a continuous flux of data, useful for so-called “data driven decisions”. At the end, this set of mind is the new frontier of management success!

SMEs and social network as marketing instrument

Certainly, every sole trader, every professional, every SME’s director has a personal Facebook or Twitter account. Why not use social media to a marketing instrument? This is certain, a profitable marketing campaign through social media is fair away from personal use of these media. One more time, why a SME doesn’t outsource to a social media manager this tool?

Our plans and rates

At Hispantic we can use properly social networks in order to create effectively brand consciousness, to increase traffic to your pages, to create newsletters campaign to promote products or loyalize your clients. Social media, as well as digital environment in general, permit creating a database to target remarketing campaigns and to focus on how to attract potential customers that didn’t finalize any interaction with you.